TAO Japanese Drum Performance

TAO, Fantastic Japanese Drum Performance!

(Photo: When you watch Japanese traditional event,you sometimes can hear sound of Japanese drums. The sound is very h…
Senbon Zakura Hatsune Miku Instrumental Wagakki Band

Senbon Zakura(Hatsune Miku)-Instrumental ver. by Wagakki Band-

“Senbon Zakura”(千本桜) This is the most famous song made by Vocaloid. Many Japanese lovers maybe have listened to this song by Hatsune Miku. Original …
Enra Japanese Performance Projection

Enra-Japanese Coolest Performance Of Projection-

Have you ever watched Japanese dance performance? If you say no,we would like to show you special performance. Usually we watch dance on the stage by only dance…
Japanese Tea Ceremony How To Drink

Japanese Tea Ceremony-How To Drink Traditional Tea-

(photo: Do you know Cha-no-yu? Cha-no-yu is Tea Ceremony in Japan. In Japan once upon a time people drunk te…
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